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Latest FOR SALE UPDATE (2016)

I have disabled the for sale pages since I am not actively selling any artwork for artists any longer.

However everything else you see on my site is always for trade or purchase. 

Just let me know.

August 2011

For Sale Update - Web Of Spider-Man Updated (Chad Hardin)
Huge update coming with pages from Web Of Spider-Man, Doomwar, Cable and Team-Up. First round is from Doomwar Issues 1 to 6 by Scot Eaton. Check it out.

Previous Updates
February 2011
Just moved a couple of my Spectacular and Amazing Spider-Man pieces into the For Sale section. Art is by
Ron Frenz, Eric Larsen, Alan Kupperberg Steve Geiger).
February 2010
Captain America Cover by Jackson Guice (2 pieces!).
December 2009
Batgirl by Damion Scott and Robert Campanella. Great new pages available !
August 2009
Wonder Man pages were uploaded to the for sale section (by Todd Nauck !)
July 2009
Amazing Fantasy Death's Head pages were just uploaded to the for sale section.
June 2009
Green Lantern / Green Arrow pages some featuring Green Lantern
with original pencil art by Rodolfo Damaggio & inking by Robert Campanella.
Batman Plus Arsenal and Batman Predator III with pencil art by Rodolfo Damaggio & inks by Robert Campanella.
Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man pages with pencil art by Todd Nauck. Huge update. Great prices.
May 2009
"The Spectre" Countdown To Mystery with original pencil art by Chad Hardin & inking by Robert Campanella.
Marvel Adventures Spider-Man with pencils by Carlos Ferreira & inking by Robert Campanella.
April 2009
Raven with pencil art by Damion Scott & inking by Robert Campanella.
Wolverine Weapon X : First Class with pencils by Mark Robinson and inks by Robert Campanella.
What If ?! Wolverine Enemy Of The State with pencils by Carmine Di Giandomenico and inks by Robert Campanella.
Spectacular Spider-Man with pencils by Damion Scott and inks by Robert Campanella.
March 2009
Peter Parker Spider-Man with pencils by Lee Weeks and inks by Robert Campanella.
Batgirl with pencil art by Damion Scott and inks by Robert Campanella.
February 2009

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man by Todd Nauck and inks by Robert Campanella. 
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March 2012
Website Update - "Amazing Spider-Man Cover 650" by Humberto Ramos.
Website Update - "San Diego Comic Con 1997" by Will Eisner.

August 2011
Website Update - "Captain America Cover 354" by Kieron Dwyer. Cool!
Website Update - "Captain America Cover 235" original comic art for (unpublished).

January 2011
Website Update - "Hero Initiative" - please read and join!
Website Update - "Incredible Hulk" Cover by Lee Weeks.

January 2010
Website Update - "Batgirl" Action Splash Page by Damion Scott.
Website Update - "Conan The Barbarian" Painting by Earl Norem.

December 2009
Website Update - "Ghost Rider" title page Issue 5 by Dick Ayers and Vince Colletta (Large Art) and "Amazing Spider-Man" title page Issue 330 by Erik Larsen

October 2009
Website Update - "Spectacular Spider-Man 11" Cover by Damion Scott ! Awesome !!!!

September 2009
Website Update - Many updates were done for my personal collection. Here are a couple highlights "Amazing Spider-Man 530" Cover by Ron Garney, "The Spirit 10" Cover by Darwyn Cooke, and the cover to "Wolverine 44" and "Wolverine 47" by Humberto Ramos !
A ton of "Spider-Ham" pages from the latest Marvel Family Books.

July 2009
Website Update - "Green Arrow" Cover by Lee Weeks and Robert Campanella !!!!!
Website Update - "Spider-Ham" was updated with some more fun pages from the Marvel Tales Series. Nice Title Splashes...!!
Website Update - "Spider-Ham" was updated with fun pages from the Amazing Spider-Man Family Series feat. "The Secret Origin Of Swiney-Girl". Enjoy !
June 2009
Website Update - "Original Art Spider-Man" was updated with splash pages from the Web Of Spider-Man, as well as a complete Rocket Racer "The Outlaws" story.

Website Update - "Original Art Spider-Man" was updated with over 60 pieces from the original "Spider-Man" series.

May 2009
Website Update - "Spider-Ham" category was updated with some great original art pieces from the original Spider-Ham Series.

April 2009
Website Update - "Original Art Spider-Man"
was updated a very nice double page splash with Spider-Man battling Menace. Art by Barry Kitson from Issue 583 (which is the Obama Issue !) click here.

Website Update - "Original Art Spider-Man"
was updated with a couple of Title Pages and Covers.

March 2009
Website Update - 
"Original Comic Art - Other" was updated. Latest Update include a very early Daredevil original art piece from issue 4 page 27. Pencils were done by Joe Orlando and inks by Vince Colletta. Daredevil is still in the yellow costume. The costume was changed in issue 7 to the red costume.

Website Update - 
"What is Original Art" was created. Here you will find information regarding simply...what is Original Comic Art as well as information regarding printing processes, artists notes on the paperwork and overlays.

Website Update - 
"Original Art - Spider-Man" was updated with some pieces from my personal collection.